Michael Trunk

What is C++?

According to their website: "Computers are some of the most versatile tools that we have available. They are capable of performing stunning feats of computation, they allow information to be exchanged easily regardless of their physical location, they simplify many every-day tasks, and they allow us to automate many processes that would be tedious or boring to perform otherwise. However, computers are not "intelligent" as we are. They have to be told in no uncertain terms exactly what they're supposed to do, and their native languages are quite unlike anything we speak. Thus, there's a formidable language barrier between a person who wishes a computer to do something, and the computer that typically requires instructions in its native language, machine code, to do anything. So far, computers cannot figure out what they are supposed to do on their own, and thus they rely on programs which we create, which are sets of instructions that the computer can understand and follow."

Does the above information seem like foreign language to you? Awesome! Come to this project group and learn all about programming and how it can advance you in any career you choose!

In this class we will cover the basics of beginner level C++ programming and help lay a foundation and understanding of what programming is and how you can use it.